It’s been almost two weeks and for that I apologize. I’ve been pretty busy with midterms and rush. And I really haven’t had the slightest idea of what to talk about. Everyone on here has some great blogs so it’s pretty hard to try and to get to their level. But I’m making the effort.


chase utley.jpgAs the 2009 season ended, there was a report that Chase Utley could be out for almost 6 months due to his hip. I was devistated. 6 months would mean missing Opening Day. That was a fact I just couldn’t fathom. But reports are saying he’s feeling great and should be ready to go by the Phils first game. His batting practices have gone well and it’s a step in the right direction.

As a fun little extra, I read that the Phillies bullpen will be getting their own reality show. It’s supposed to air on the MLB Network June 1 so Phils fans should keep their eye out for that.

My dad got our 6 game pack tickets earlier in the week. And even though I wasn’t there, I knew when he opened them, he opened them in Jimmy Fallon style. “This smells like the season”…here’s to cheering for a great 2009 season.

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Baseball Mix

I know I haven’t written anything in a few days. That’s partially because I haven’t had much to say and partially because I’ve been pretty busy. I still don’t have much to say but I’ve made a mix tape of baseball/summer songs. Songs that any baseball fan should have on their MP3 and other songs that just remind me of summer. Enjoy!

  1. Centerfield – John Fogerty
  2. The Boys of Summer – The Ataris
  3. Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen
  4. That’s Why I Love This Town – Bon Jovi
  5. Tessie – Dropkick Murphy’s
  6. Summertime – Kenny Chesney
  7. Summertime – Bon Jovi

That’s all I’ve got so far. My brain’s a little cluttered, that’s college for ya! If anyone has any other songs I’d love to hear them =)

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Happy sunday everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I know I did. And the weather here at Rutgers is just wonderful!

The Phillies have announced that they have come to a deal with Ryan Howard. According to They’ve come to an agreement of three years and $54 million. I always have this conversation with a good friend of mine. Howard is a great player, all of the guys that get paid the big bucks are good players. But here’s the argument: you’re getting paid to do something you love, why should you try to get paid insane amounts of money as well? My friend’s arguement is that Howard deserves it. He should have been holding out for more money. But I look at it as there are people out there who work hard at what they do and get paid little. I’m not saying players shouldn’t get paid a lot, or they don’t work hard. I’m just saying $180 million over 8 years? AND a $5 million signing bonus?? I had no idea it took so much to lift a pen…

But I am happy that Howard’s staying in Philly. He’s a great player, and he puts up big numbers. I’m looking forward to a great season from him.

Movin’ On Up

Happy moving day everyone! As we speak the Phils are sending down their equipment to beautiful Brighthouse Networks Field. I think the numbers are incredible. Here’s an estimate off of of what’s all going down:

• 15 cases of gum (regular and sugarless)
• 12 cases of sunflower seeds
• 20 coolers and a half pallet of POWERade mix
• 300 helmets
• 350 pairs of shorts
• 450 pairs of socks
• 600 pairs of pants
• 600 hats
• 200 fleeces
• 1,200 bats
• 2,000 T-shirts
• 10,000 12 oz. cups
• 15,000 baseballs
• 150 pairs of batting gloves

I’m especially fond of the 15 cases of gum =]

I love Spring Training. Not only because it brings us that much closer to the regular season, but you also get to see some young guys you wouldn’t normally get to see. (Two of those guys by the way are from Australia!! How cool?!) They’re the future of this organization. Like Ryan Howard. I met him at Spring Training the season he became a Phil. He autographed a ball for me. He’s on there, Jimmy is on it, and a few other guys. Walking to my seat I met a woman who saw the ball and asked me who I got to autograph it. She saw Ryan’s signature and told me to hold on to it, cause he was going to be a great player. And so far, he hasn’t disappointed! It’s a great time to get to see some untapped talent. And it’s only 8 days away!

No more, Nomar.

Trade Talk: If you haven’t heard, the Phils are looking to sign Nomar Garciaparra. My thoughts? I think it’s a great idea! Nomar is a steady guy. He isn’t the old Nomar, of course, but he’s still a great bat to have off the bench. They’re saying it’s becoming increasingly clear that it won’t happen, but I have hopes. I’ve always been a fan of Nomar. So I’m all for that deal!

I’ve been trying to think of a good topic to start this off with. And all I’ve got is this: The Off Season Blues. We all got ’em. We’re all counting down the days until Pitchers and Catchers report (10 days!) and we’re all picking out those great games to get tickets for. I think what I’m most ecited about are the games we don’t plan out. See, my friends and I have this thing where there will be those lazy summer days and we just decide, 2 hours before game time, to head over to the ballpark. Basically I’ve just been craving summer, who doesn’t? 

That’s all I’ve got for now. Do you have anything you’re excited about for this season? I’d love to hear it!

An Introduction That Needs No Introduction.

I’m a fan of blogs. I like to be able to express the things I want to say. And an MLB blog? Well you’ll never get me to stop talking! Here’s a little bit about me:

I’ve been a Phillies fan for as long as I can remember. For my 4th birthday? I got an autograph picture oh John Kruk. You’d think a 4 year old wouldn’t really be too excited about that, but me, I was ecstatic. My dad, a long time season ticket holder, made me fall in love with this game. I’ve learned to live and die with the team he grew up with, and I’ve learned about all his heroes, including some Phils greats. I’ve spent countless birthdays cheering on my team. And as I got older, I didn’t get to cheer my Phils on with just my family, but my friends started to tag along too. The Phils hold many memories for me. I saw Kevin Millwood’s no-hitter with my dad, my grandmom, and 3 of my friends. I got to hang out with the Phanatic at the old Christmas partys with my sisters. I saw the second to last game at the Vet (my dad got to see the last) and I even went to Opening Day at CBP. I’ve missed many-a-school-days for Business Person Specials, and I witnessed the World Champion Phils clinch the NL East this year. I could even get you around Clearwater Beach. My favorite memory though? The Championship parade down Broad Street.

I’m now a college Freshmen. I go to school in north Jersey, near New York, so I meet a lot of people who aren’t exactly on the same wave-length as me. It’s hard being away from home,of course: a new place, new people, being away from everything that I’m used to. I missed part of the end of last season. I listened to games online and watched pitch-by-pitch updates. But that’s what you’ve gotta do in your life, you have to make sacrifices. I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do with my life since I was 12. I’m away at school so I can become a sportsbroadcaster, and with the introduction of the MLB Network, I even have a place to shoot for. I know it’ll be hard work, I’ll miss the games of Spring Training, and the first few games of the season, but I know it’s worth it. Last semester I took a seminar called “Baseball and Literature”. Basically we sat around and talked baseball without the literature. It reinforced the knowledge that I knew I want to be involved in this game as a career.

That’s why I decided to write a blog. A fresh perspective. I’m going to give you the thoughts of the fan who spends half of the season away at school and the other half glued to the tv or spending her time at the ballpark with her parents and her best friends. I’ll talk trades. I’ll talk stats. I might even throw in some reviews of games I went to. But it’ll mostly be my thoughts. I have a love for the game, and a love to talk. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, I know I’ll enjoy writing it!